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It was a wondrous sight to behold, wild and free, swaying one way and another in the wind like Oor Wullie hurtling down Stoorie Brae on his brakeless cartie.
For Henry Miller in My Bike and Other Friends, his brakeless one-speeder, made in Chemnitz, Saxony, was his "best friend," a bearer of many joys.
He tests a brakeless, rickety solartaxi at 90 km per hour: 4 months and thousands of solar miles later, the smoother, slower solartaxi ferries 200 diplomats, world leaders, and other eminences from their hotels to the UN Climate Change Conference in Bali, where Palmer addresses the assembly.
The exhibits currently include a horse-drawn fire pumper; a Yankee hay rake, a horse-drawn farm implement that greatly improved the efficiency of hay gathering for American farmers; a chainless and brakeless gear-driven bicycle of Allen design; and many photographs and designs.
It's closed to traffic twice a month on Sunday mornings, when it is filled with trendy crowds showing off their colorful and brakeless fixed-gear bicycles or "fixies.