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Based on the principle of self-energization, the braking effect builds up very rapidly and the intelligent control prevents any danger of the wedge from locking up.
TRW says the EHB combines the ability to provide the optimum brake pressure at each wheel with the capacity to supply this pressure more quickly than a conventional hydraulic braking system.
Unlike aftermarket systems that use comparatively inaccurate internal pendulums or inertial sensors, Ford's trailer brake controller measures actual braking pressure inside the truck's master cylinder and uses that along with information from the ABS system to coordinate the trailer's braking action to match that of the truck's.
Currently, customer awareness of the benefits of advanced braking and stability control systems remains low.
In addition, you are more likely to have problems with your brake fluid if you use your car only for local travel, because of the increased amount of braking involved in short journeys.
The 2007 CL-Class, for example, features a braking system that automatically applies partial braking during certain types of emergencies.
State and federal investigators said they still don't know precisely what caused the incident, but they are focusing on the train's braking and cable system.
com/research/fcw3kb/global_light) has announced the addition of the "Global light vehicle electronic braking market- forecasts to 2030" report to their offering.
This week, Mike Clarke at Benfield Nissan on Portland Road, Newcastle, advises drivers on the dangers of oil and water shortages, and regular checks of tyre pressures and coolant: "The action of braking compresses the brake fluid, which causes the brake callipers or cylinders to apply pressure on the brake discs or drums to slow you down.
The position of the wedge determines the braking Force applied--it takes the EWB 100 ms to reach Full braking power, versus about 170 ms For a conventional ABS-equipped disc brake system--and the electric motors either hold the pad at this point or back it down a position that will give the driver the decelerative Force required For the situation.
is recalling 44,000 1996 Buick Regal and Chevrolet Lumina cars to fix a possible problem that could cause reduced braking power.