branch of knowledge

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A branch of knowledge which belongs to the acquirements of a federal representative, and which has not been mentioned is that of foreign affairs.
The object of knowledge would appear to exist before knowledge itself, for it is usually the case that we acquire knowledge of objects already existing; it would be difficult, if not impossible, to find a branch of knowledge the beginning of the existence of which was contemporaneous with that of its object.
But what I liked best of all was writing Arabic characters, and in this I soon surpassed my masters, and gained a reputation in this branch of knowledge that reached as far as India itself.
If a person asked my advice, before undertaking a long voyage, my answer would depend upon his possessing a decided taste for some branch of knowledge, which could by this means be advanced.
And yet this extraordinary branch of knowledge has never been sought as an end, and systematically, by modern investigators until I took it up
He dared even to attend the Scholomance, and there was no branch of knowledge of his time that he did not essay.
But as few people were acquainted with, or attracted to, such a hobby or branch of knowledge, his intellectual life was somewhat solitary.
Ranjha said every branch of knowledge and department of administration had been converted into computer and internet, adding "A youth can begin a new project and earn handsome profit through E Entrepreneurship and this type of self employment is very interesting.
From a methodological perspective there has been selected as a dependent variable the salary scholarship and the following independent variables: socio-demographic variables (sex, age, income, occupational status and parental education), previous academic background (via access and PAU note), branch of knowledge and performance (subjects enrolled, subjects submitted, subjects passed and average grade of the first year).
It was considered a type of intellectual sin to separate knowledge into compartments, although each branch of knowledge had its own methodology which was strictly adhered to.
If somebody seeks this branch of knowledge, it could be an additional means that may be used to reach the desired objective.