branch off

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"I was told I couldn't lift the branch off my brother as I was injured - I think I was running on adrenaline.
To quilt this design, begin by stitching the straight-line star we used for Tangle of Lights--stitch a straight line, then travel stitch back to the center, then branch off in another direction, repeating until you create a small star shape.
Surgery traditionally has been the standard treatment for left main disease, with coronary stenting reserved only for patients at high risk for surgery who are "protected" by a previous bypass graft to at least one of the two major coronary arteries that branch off the left main artery, Abbott said.
Since the method of sales and marketing provided by North Shore Concepts can be applied to any service needed by businesses and consumers, the company also plans to branch off to add clients in several other industries including telecommunications and merchant processing.
First cut most of the branch off roughly to remove the weight of it.
The 7.5-km double-track line begins at Clonsilla where it will branch off from the Maynooth-Dublin line and ends at a park and ride facility at Pace near Dunboyne, Co Meath.
5 : to branch off : fork <The road divides here.>
For a test drive, call into Riverside Road branch off Wessington Way, call (0191) 549 1111 or visit the website
A neighbor rushed to the woman and tried to get the branch off her, but couldn't.
Retired coach builder Michael Horan, also known as Joseph, was up the ladder cutting a branch off a tree in the garden of his home in Bleak Street, Smethwick, when the accident happened last Thursday.
From here the line would extend 167 miles to Bua on Sweden's west coast and a 34-mile segment would branch off to Denmark.
While the Cozy Coupe will likely continue on in its current form for quite some time--"We're going to keep it the same as long as we can get away with it"--Little Tikes could potentially branch off into new vehicle segments in the future.