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Scottrade is opening new branch offices where we have a customer demand, to better serve our clients," said Rodger Riney, Scottrade president and CEO.
May 15 /PRNewswire/ -- When Michigan Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land took office in January, she promised to visit all 173 Secretary of State branch offices within the first year of her administration to find better ways of serving the public.
Kevin O'Connor, Scottrade branch manager, said the new office will be more convenient for many of Scottrade's customers who are presently served through Scottrade's branch offices in Cincinnati.
Scottrade's Midlothian branch office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.
The Manchester branch is the first of six new Scottrade branch offices scheduled to open nationwide in April.
Scottrade's Katy branch office, located at 1140 Fry Road, is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.
In addition to the Oxnard branch office, Scottrade has 42 branch offices throughout California, including locations in Santa Barbara, Woodland Hills, Valencia, Encino, Santa Monica and Los Angeles.
Scottrade currently operates 41 other branch offices in California, its largest statewide branch network.
However, due to a substantial increase in interest expense coupled with the cost of opening the Lodi branch office and Charter Services Group, net income declined 22.
The forecasts include the total number of RAM workers, as well as, the following over-lapping groups that make up the total: frequent business travelers, mobile office workers, multi-site workers, non-office workers, remote branch office employees, and telecommuters.
Justin Gaynor, who previously managed Scottrade's Boca Raton branch, will manage the new branch office.
However, low-bandwidth links to branch offices, coupled with the lack of onsite IT expertise, create significant hurdles to distributing digital video across global enterprises.