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I also understand that similar branch organizations have made their appearance in Europe.
Two collaboration agreements were signed at the end of May between a trade delegation from Uzbekistan and GMV, branch organization of Dutch machine producers for food processing and packaging which worth around 31 Million.
Two weeks prior to the general strike of the employees in education, science and culture, the branch organization of the Trade Union for Education, Science and Culture (SONK) from Ohrid decided not to back the general strike set for 29 September.
However, Ismet Sinani, president of the PDSH branch organization from Aracinovo told the Shquipmedia web portal it was not true they joined Sela's initiative.
The delegation of the Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority holds its working visit in Kyrgyzstan on June 1-8 in order to study activities of the DIPECHO VII (DisasterPreparedness ECHO) project, implemented by the international branch organization Save the Children in Kyrgyzstan and financed by the European Commission for Humanitarian Aid and CivilProtection (ECHO).
Consumer Banking Group, he managed the operations of a 600 branch organization with 23,000 staff members nationwide and assets of approximately $42 billion.
Once he took over the branch organization in Tetovo, Thaci formed the Party for Democratic Prosperity of Albanians (PPDSH) that later transformed into a separate political entity.
A aaElectromobilesaa is the first national branch organization with more than 70 members, working with over 60 partners in the country and abroad - municipalities, clusters, organizations.
To enhance the construction of grassroots party branch level, recent studies have formulated the "Opinions on Strengthening grass-roots units directly under the Party branch construction of the" "grass-roots party branches grading classification management approach", "strict implementation of grassroots party branch organization life Regulations" and other systems.