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Branchial cleft anomalies account for approximately 30% of all pediatric neck pathologies.
43) For this reason, first branchial cleft cysts, which represent the second-most common branchial cleft anomaly, can arise anywhere from the external auditory canal through the parotid gland to the submandibular triangle.
Based on the anatomic location of the mass, clinical presentation, histopathologic characteristics, and CK-positive immunolabeling, the diagnosis was branchial cleft cyst, similar to second branchial cyst type II-III reported in humans.
This combination of findings often results in misdiagnosis as branchial cleft cysts or as carcinoma arising in a branchial cleft cyst.
A branchial cleft cyst forms on either of the lateral aspects of the neck.
18) The cysts arise from the third and fourth branchial clefts, and, therefore, thymic cysts may have a similar appearance to third and fourth branchial cleft cysts, being differentiated only by the presence of thymic tissue within thymic cysts.
The mass was diagnosed as a branchial cleft cyst before complete excision was performed.
The list includes various benign and malignant tumors, cholesteatoma, epidermal inclusion cyst, and first branchial cleft cyst.
Branchial cleft cysts are the most common lesions to arise laterally in the neck.
15) Long-term follow- up is needed more for ear, hearing, and renal problems than for the successfully excised branchial cleft anomalies.
The spectrum of cystic lesions in the parotid gland is quite broad; it includes developmental and acquired benign cysts (mucous, lymphoepithelial, and branchial cleft cysts), as well as cysts associated with benign and malignant neoplasms.
2,4,5) Hence, the embryologic origin of this anomaly, although related to the branchial apparatus, differs completely from that of the typical branchial cleft fistulas, as well as from that of the ectopic salivary fistulas found at the base of the neck.