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BRANCH. This is a metaphorical expression, which designates, in the genealogy of a numerous family, a portion of that family which has sprang from the same root or stock; these latter expressions, like the first, are also metaphorical.
     2. The whole of a genealogy is often called the genealogical tree; and sometimes it is made to take the form of a tree, which is in the first place divided into as many branches as there are children, afterwards into as many branches as there are grand-children, then of great grandchildren, &c. If, for example, it be desired to have a genealogical tree of Peter's family, Peter will be made the trunk of the tree; if he has had two children, John and James, their names will be written on the first two branches; which will themselves shoot out as many smaller branches as John and James have children; from these other's proceed, till the whole family is represented on the tree; thus the origin, the application, and the use of the word branch in genealogy will be at once perceived.

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Even assuming that the branching rights received an FMV basis under Sec.
Egan, President and CEO of the Massachusetts Credit Union League, noted that, "As the environment grows increasingly more demanding for financial institutions, shared branching is a unique competitive advantage credit unions can enjoy.
2235's approach that would extend interstate branching powers to only those banks that are at least adequately capitalized and adequately managed (which we assume means having acceptable supervisory ratings).
Shared branching gives us the ability to serve our members in other parts of the country without our investing in brick and mortar and personnel in thousands of locations -- allowing our service to be more competitive.
Established in 1985, IBT is the largest in-store branching consulting company and is a recognized industry leader.
Now its offerings encompass the spectrum of retail branching services to include a variety of products and services, such as specialized consulting.
org), which provides access to over 1,000 national network branches, developed the nation's first shared branching network in 1975, a method whereby one or more credit unions can conduct business in one facility, thus offering members more locations for a fraction of the cost of "going it alone.
We expect to open two of these three branches by year-end and we will continue to seek de novo branching opportunities in the New York Metro area," added Coyle.
FSCC), an international credit union shared service center network, and the Defense Credit Union Council (DCUC), a trade association for defense industry credit unions, have signed an agreement to promote shared branching services.