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BRANCH. This is a metaphorical expression, which designates, in the genealogy of a numerous family, a portion of that family which has sprang from the same root or stock; these latter expressions, like the first, are also metaphorical.
     2. The whole of a genealogy is often called the genealogical tree; and sometimes it is made to take the form of a tree, which is in the first place divided into as many branches as there are children, afterwards into as many branches as there are grand-children, then of great grandchildren, &c. If, for example, it be desired to have a genealogical tree of Peter's family, Peter will be made the trunk of the tree; if he has had two children, John and James, their names will be written on the first two branches; which will themselves shoot out as many smaller branches as John and James have children; from these other's proceed, till the whole family is represented on the tree; thus the origin, the application, and the use of the word branch in genealogy will be at once perceived.

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It elaborates on the benefits to all the stakeholders besides presenting real cases of two key markets that have implemented branchless banking models.
Danny Pitakia, an agent said, 'With branchless banking now established here, BSP has made it easier and more convenient for the people of Sasamungga to open accounts and do basic banking, as well as providing an avenue where women's groups, savings groups, market vendors etc, can safely keep their savings or earnings.
The branchless banking transactions rose from Rs50 billion to Rs300 billion plus.
He pointed out that SBPled initiatives stimulated the market forces to drive innovation and growth in branchless banking.
Finance Minister Dar said concerted efforts are needed to drive branchless banking usage through mobile wallet payments, digitized G2P payments, and improved range of digital financial services available for usage via branchless banking.
The mobile wallets are banking accounts which are being opened largely by the previously unbanked population at their nearby shops which are working as branchless banking agents, said State Bank of Pakistan's (SBP) newsletter on branchless banking here on Thursday.
Branchless banking has become popular in Pakistan over the years, and banks are being encouraged to provide branchless services.
KARACHI -- Yaseen Anwar, Governor, State Bank of Pakistan, has said that developments in branchless banking across the country have so far been marvellous, leaving nobody in doubt about the potential of mobile phone banking to be a game-changer in banking, m-commerce and financial inclusion.
Its branchless business model allows it to operate at a fraction of the cost of a traditional bank.
Lahore -- Provincial Minister for Zakat & Ushr, Nadeem Kamran has said that payment of Zakat fund will be made to the Mustahkeen through branchless banking and Telenor Easy paisa has been selected for this purpose.
Owureku Asare, Regional Manager for Cards and Electronic Banking (Ghana and West African Monetary Zone) at Ecobank said, The partnership with MTN to offer Mobile Money customers the opportunity to perform Cardless withdrawals from over 200 Ecobank ATMs in Ghana is to strategically make branchless banking a reality by activating multiple channels including mobile phones, internet, Points of Sales (POS), ATMs and through Agents.
ISLAMABAD -- The branchless banking in the country has registered a 25 % growth in mobile accounts during first three months of this fiscal year, taking the total count to 1.