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Every time he was thus awakened he drove back the wolves with flying brands, replenished the fire, and rearranged the pine-knot on his hand.
Flinging his brands at the nearest of his enemies, the man thrust his smouldering mittens into the snow and stamped about to cool his feet.
Burning brands made them spring aside, but they no longer sprang back.
Several Georgians, fancy brands, 1852, changed hands to
Figure 8: The Travelocity credit card rewards consumers for staying loyal to the brand.
The opportunity for growth and sustainable market share centers on proper brand management.
It became fashionable to view a brand as a promise--a guarantee of a certain quality or aesthetic experience extended by a firm to its customers.
Despite its success, there are doubters to the value of brand management.
Pull together the research, call in the account planners, check the web, visit with customers, send the surveys, and go to the store shelves to see how your brand slacks up to the competition.