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TO BRAND. An ancient mode of punishment, which was to inflict a mark on an offender with a hot iron. This barbarous punishment has been generally disused.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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* The content of the added value, that is, the specific qualities which are implied by the brand name. These qualities, which are invisible at the time of purchase (such as reliability, rich lather, or masculine personality), are the reason why the brand name adds value.
Then in the big number condition, participants also received information about the target product with a bigger number in the brand name (PIW00-93 vs.
Therefore, unless the brand name or trade name is actually on the Register of Trade Marks and is in force under the Trade Marks Act, 1999, CGST rate of five percent will not be applicable on the supply of such goods.
"One might argue that the benefit [the product is] going to deliver is even more important than the target audience itself in terms of being reflected in the brand name," he says.
But as he and others at the session highlighted, equivalent pharmacologic properties of generic and brand name forms of a drug tell just part of the story.
"ACP recognizes that there are situations where generic substitution is not possible and the use of brand name drugs is clinically appropriate," Riley said.
The 66 brand names were divided into three brand lists of 22 items each.
This led to the formation of a project team to a) categorize the wine brand names in New Zealand, and b) examine consumer perceptions of these brand name categories in terms of quality, price, purchase intentions and ability to pronounce and ask for the brand by name.
Several companies may make the same generic medicine, each with their own brand name. The name is often chosen to be memorable for advertising, or to be easier to say or spell than the generic name.
During the meeting, Timo Ihamuotila who is the CFO of the company expressed that the Nokia brand name is immsensely popular in the mobile phone world and he added that at the moment they are unable to use the brand name.
Patients started on less costly generic statin drugs have significantly better adherence than those started on brand name statins, as well as improved cardiovascular outcomes, according to results from a study that looked at records from more than 90,000 Medicare patients aged 65 and older (mean age 75.6, 61% female) over a 2-year period.