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TO BRAND. An ancient mode of punishment, which was to inflict a mark on an offender with a hot iron. This barbarous punishment has been generally disused.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Traditionally, however, the life cycles were not used to be related to branding decisions.
--Transnational Brand Strategy--develop individual branding concepts for all foreign markets within which they operate.
Due to the specific nature of higher education, its social perception and unique life experiences of students, it is hard to generalize the concept of branding and brand equity in pure service sector such as education.
However, the book is indeed a smart synthesis of the key concepts of branding and is a very readable book for students and marketing professionals in India.
In practice companies use aided and unaided awareness, image and branding marketing research studies to determine the extent to which consumers are familiar and positive opinions about their products or services.
Improved understanding of branding and the use of cobrands allows for more sophisticated marketing applications at the strategic, objective, and tactical levels.
Branding Strategy Insider is the corporate blog of The Blake Project, a branding consultancy dedicated "to helping organizations create brands that build and sustain trust." It is one of the leading branding blogs in the industry, with more than 5,000 subscribers.
The product manager, most of the time also known as the brand manager, has to take care of all the important aspects: developing new products, managing the existing products through all the stages of the life cycle, and mainly, branding the products with high potential on the market.
Designed to encourage candid discussion within the New York community, panelists include some of the most pertinent voices in contemporary architecture, real estate, and branding.
Branding is much more than a simple marketing responsibility; it requires the conviction of top management and a detailed plan of action that includes data collection, analysis, discussions, meetings, strategic planning, creative thinking, budgeting and more.
Chinese products today have the same problem Japan had twenty years ago; the solution to their dilemma also is not only by increasing the quality of their products, but also by branding their products and increasing its brand equity.
"In an effort to celebrate our position and communicate our mission to the outside world, we wanted to create this comprehensive branding plan that would help change those perceptions."