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From her habit of buying a drawerful of potato peelers from a street vendor out of charity, to her brashness in the service of the truth, Milena is sympathetic, resolute, occasionally awkward, and ultimately loving -- a winsome combination.
IGP Nasir Khan Durrani appreciated the in time action, boldness and brashness of the police officials and termed their performance as role model for other officials of the force.
Journalistic freedom can be abused, we grant, by brashness and indiscretion; but a fault at least as common and injurious is lack of enterprise.
Jillian Tamaki's expressive black-and-grey drawings convey Windy's carefree joy, Rose's stillness, her mother's brokenness and the teenagers' brashness. Throughout the book, the art evokes the melancholy of the end of childhood.
And if the exterior still carries accusations of brashness, well that certainly is in perfect keeping with Birmingham's history.
Influenced by the likes of Missy Elliott, Pharrell Williams and Lauryn Hill, Tia P.'s soul embodies the essence of Erykah Badu, the funk of D'Angelo, the storytelling of Bahamadia and the brashness of Jean Grae.
[who] behaved very much like fascists." But when the narrator sees that he can never speak to Karim again, he justifies himself with the thought that he had not sent Karim to Abu Ghraib but to "orderly Danish investigators, no matter how prejudiced" (my emphasis); furthermore, he claims that "honest conversation" with Karim is now impossible because of "the Niagara of suspicion and prejudice and brashness cascading around us." It might be pointed out that suspicion and the rest are not unnatural in the documented circumstances of relations between Muslim immigrants and the locals in present-day Denmark and elsewhere in Europe.
Still, it's impossible to hate this album, because for all the band's brashness ...
Praising Agar, Mallet said that the left-arm spinner is a confident youngster without any brashness and has impressed with his good rhythm and calm temperament at both home and abroad despite playing just ten first-class matches, adding that Agar delivers from a considerable height and gets a lot of over spin on the ball.
The consul general's comment read: " Nath speaks with such brashness, boastfulness, and at times niave ( sic) simplicity that one tends to discount it all." The cable adds Nath may take " delight in giving the impression that he is privy to sensitive information about India's nuclear program we should not conclude he merely conjured up the report".
Punctuated by some lovely moments where the children are seen to be just themselves, we're then plunged into mini whirlpools of self-doubt, ridiculous brashness and people at loggerheads.
I generalise, but I generally like Americans despite all their brashness and that divine sense of knowing it all.