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s soul embodies the essence of Erykah Badu, the funk of D'Angelo, the storytelling of Bahamadia and the brashness of Jean Grae.
Still, it's impossible to hate this album, because for all the band's brashness .
Praising Agar, Mallet said that the left-arm spinner is a confident youngster without any brashness and has impressed with his good rhythm and calm temperament at both home and abroad despite playing just ten first-class matches, adding that Agar delivers from a considerable height and gets a lot of over spin on the ball.
The consul general's comment read: " Nath speaks with such brashness, boastfulness, and at times niave ( sic) simplicity that one tends to discount it all.
But amid all the expected in-your-face saccharine brashness, there's something equally charmless.
In a display of political brashness, Lillikas went on to declare that he would leave Cyprus were he to garner less than three per cent of the popular vote.
If you're in the Southern States, it's worth hanging around the Everglades for a couple of days - it's a relaxing escape from the brashness of Miami, which is just 80 miles away.
Casi's voice is the combination of brashness and world-weary humanity you'd find on a cynic who'd been scratched to reveal the disappointed idealist beneath.
But it can be quite a culture shock if you're not ready for the brashness and noise that comes with it.
Smith named his Scott-Heron remix album We're New Here after that, Smog's lessons of drunken brashness repurposed for young shyness.
But without Bob's brashness the whole Band Aid thing would never have happened at all.
Charlie Brown, the philosophising loser, who gave a wonderful counter to American brashness and ambition.