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In fact, while a brassie is a wooden club with a metal plate at the base (usually a No.
Floberg says buffets also are popular at The Brassie, and they don't necessarily have to be elaborate, "Our biggest seller is bratwurst and burgers," he says.
Jim Dolan handed him a brassie, and Barnaby stepped up and swung.
Several stand in his way in the "Aire" National Hunt Maiden Hurdle, notably Pure Platinum, who will appreciate this extra mile after his Uttoxeter third to Brassie in a bumper.
I COULDN'T tell a brassie from a niblick but I think I can recognise a tired and emotional golfer when I see one.
Don't Slow Down--Tom Floberg, pro at The Brassie in Chesterton, sees plenty of people lose too much steam as they putt.
At the 17th, I hit a wonderful drive, followed it with a good brassie and a chip to within a few inches,' he recounted recently.
Anne Brassie describes how Brasillach always prepared for exams by taking notes, and he did the same in his trial: Robert Brasillach (Paris: Laffont, 1987), 328.
Harrogate then hit the bar so we could have lost the game, but Brassie (Paul Brayson) had earlier hit the post with the score at 2-1.
Think Wide--"For a longer drive," says Tom Floberg, golf pro at The Brassie in Chesterton, "widen your stance for better stability and more power.
Wildcat Creek in Kokomo, commencing its first full year as an 18-hole course, has had two architects, Jerry Mathews on the front and Jim Fazio (who designed the Legends of Indiana, Franklin, and the Brassie in Chesterton) on the newer back.