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Signatories include Raymond Brassier, chair of the philosophy department, John Meloy, director of the Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies, and the historians Rosemary Sayigh and Fawwaz Traboulsi.
Much bigger, much brassier, much morefull of thesort ofpeoplethatsome other peoplemightsuggest wemight notwant to see.
However, the song cried out for brassier backup from Sting's three female chorines.
As her life suddenly accelerates into a frantic, fast-living fastforward, she's braless, blonder and brassier than ever.
Instead of sucking on soor plooms and quietly hoping Glasgow trips up, we should be wholeheartedly backing our bigger, brassier neighbour and hoping for the most successful games possible.
The work on display here consists of a photo of a plaster relief depiction of the extremities of a woman -- apparently nude but for a dark brassier.
In the Liver Birds, Nerys played Sandra, a relatively sophisticated young woman who shared a flat in Liverpool with Beryl, played by Polly James, who was a lot louder, brassier and sassier.
AS scally Tina McIntyre she's bolder than Liz McDonald's make-up and brassier than Leanne Battersby.
The frozen cabinet is a very crowded sector where products have to fight for space and the bigger, bolder, brassier the pack the more customers are likely to notice it.
They're a bit cheeky, but completely irresistible and have been described as 'bolder than Captain Kirk, braver than the new world and brassier than Bet Lynch.