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There was a cafe at one end, hot drinks to take the chill away, and at the other a band boomed brassily away from a balcony - almost certainly The Skaters' Waltz and maybe, as well, the big hit of 1909, By The Light Of The Silv'ry Moon.
Duchess (Jan Fuller) brassily reminds us that "My Oven's Still Hot.
All fur coat and no knickers, she brassily arrives at old Betty's retirement do with her nose so high in the air they have to send up oxygen tanks.
Most boxing these days is dire - full of loud-mouthed pestilences trumpeting their own alleged talents so brassily you suspect they're having more trouble convincing themselves than the more cynical breed of punter.
As soon as Sheffield asked for a ``lifetime contract,'' the Dodgers' brass should have brassily reminded the player that it was inappropriate to discuss any contract extension when he had three years remaining on his current contract.