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Lily is meant to be a mix of brassiness and vulnerability but is far too spiky for us to truly care about.
Back-grounded by the kaleidoscopic text written by the composer and Hi Mucha, the lyricism and military brassiness transforms into an emotional arch which impressed the audience (the final applause heard on the recording) and will impress today's listener too.
These customizable conditioners allow you to "dial-up" the amount of pigment dispensed with the base conditioner based on how much you need at that point in time to fight brassiness or add soft golden tones.
Even Eponine's despairing "On My Own" escalates from mournful reflection to belting brassiness.
What we want when we talk about placement of "W," or the quality or the mood in a drawing, or the brassiness of the brass section in a symphonic score, are the unique and qualitatively satisfying character of the "material" being addressed.
The scallops were small but plentiful and had been chosen for their sweetness rather than macho brassiness.
Not only do blondes have more fun, now they can keep true to their individual tones without fear of brassiness or fading, thanks to the new Keratin Complex Blondeshell collection.
affinity with Atlanta's brassiness and even draw analogies between
would be stationing 2,500 Marines at a base in Australia, and declared, with uncharacteristic brassiness, "The United States is a Pacific power, and we are here to stay.
In fact, the Canadians and British curled into each other, to avoid the American storm of brassiness and brawling.
With a stage persona that is a mix of Marilyn Monroe, Bette Midler and Dean Martin, Worcester's Nicole "Niki" Luparelli has been wowing area audiences with her ditzy blondness, bawdy brassiness and lovable (let's hope pretend) drunkenness.
Cilla can still belt out the songs with that distinctive nasal brassiness that changes from a breathy whisper to the onslaught of an oncoming locomotive horn in half a bar.