brave face

See: audacity
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You can put a brave face on it," sobbed Aurelia, "but you can't deceive me.
Very well, ma'am," I said, trying to put a brave face on it, "I will come to your tea-parties, and we shall see what we shall see.
No place would seem fearsome now," she answered simply, "were there a light to show me that the brave face of Roger de Conde were by my side.
Gemma, who posted the snap on the Bradley Lowery Foundation Facebook page, wrote: "I can't put a brave face on today, I can't be strong today.
Mick is putting a brave face on things tonight Watch for a funny scene involving Lady Di, too.
Later that night, Pratt put on a brave face when she attended the OK
Steve (Jack Dee) puts on a brave face Unfortunately, as anyone who saw the first episode will know, it doesn't take them long to realise that the reality didn't quite live up to their expectations.
Charlize Theron wore a snappy suit - and a brave face - as she walked down the red carpet at the premiere of her latest flick The Last Face.
Ukrainian sailors trapped in their Crimean port put on a brave face after Russians sank three of their own ships at the entrance of an inlet off the Black Sea, the CBC's Derek Stoffel reports.
24 WALES coach Iestyn Harris put on a brave face after watching his side crash out of the World Cup with a second consecutive defeat to a qualifying team.
5Reality: Officials put a brave face on the badly strained ties