brave face

See: audacity
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"You can put a brave face on it," sobbed Aurelia, "but you can't deceive me.
"Very well, ma'am," I said, trying to put a brave face on it, "I will come to your tea-parties, and we shall see what we shall see."
"No place would seem fearsome now," she answered simply, "were there a light to show me that the brave face of Roger de Conde were by my side."
Not really sure what she wants or where she belongs, she takes a job teaching English as a foreign language to adult learners, and keeps herself busy putting a brave face on for Shona that everything is right in the world.
Murs wrote: "I'm putting on a brave face for the gram but I've been recovering from serious knee surgery, something I've needed for some time.
A Brave Face tackles the issue of veterans' mental health, and how Post-Traumatic Stress is understood and treated byfamily, friends and professionals here at home.
QMY husband has been diagnosed with cancer and I don't know how to tell our children - should I put on a brave face or let them know what's going on?
Dec 4 (ANI): Abhishek Kumar son of deceased cop Subodh Kumar who was shot dead yesterday during Bulandshahr clashes , on Tuesday presented a brave face amid the unfortunate loss and asserted that his father always wanted his children to respect all religions.
The Bronze Bomber, 32, is said to have reacted angrily and had to be led away by security before he put on a brave face for the TV cameras.
The pound fell 0.6 percent to $1.31 Friday, and May's government struggled to put a brave face on a presidential visit that has veered wildly off course.
Gemma, who posted the snap on the Bradley Lowery Foundation Facebook page, wrote: "I can't put a brave face on today, I can't be strong today.
Later that night, Pratt put on a brave face when she attended the OK!