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Lce Corp John Hamilton, of East Kilbride, bravely carried ammunition along the front line in 1917.
West, a British heartthrob making his Broadway debut, matches Cumming in bravely making Otto and Leo more physical and more faggy than they've probably ever been.
In a courtroom scene reminiscent of To Kill a Mockingbird, they watch in horror as innocent Indian John is sentenced to hang though bravely defended by an idealistic young lawyer.
Who could not be impressed when he bravely survived an attempt on his life?
And yesterday at Aberdeen's Bug U Like store, Elena raised pounds 1000 for the city's Raeden Centre, where Lee was a pupil, after she bravely held a huge tarantula in her hand.
But in contrast to her tone on some of her earlier, more downbeat albums, Ian leavens the slow songs with peppy rockers, including "the last comeback"--in which she bravely admits "I fear the anger and the greed / shallow as the heart I let you see.
The education lobby fought the measure fiercely, but the voters - fed up with decades of failure in the state's public schools - bravely decided to change course.
When Belle arrives, she is afraid but acts bravely, and she wins Orasmyn's heart with her goodness even as he longs for her love--which is granted to him at last, breaking the terrible spell.
The report--actually an evenhanded account--said one of the protesters advised that "the producers of such rot [should] take note that this film is not only an insult to the proud and `manly' gay persons of this community but to the millions of homosexuals who conceal their identity to fight bravely and die proudly for their country which rejects them.
Dr David Murphy, 50, bravely fought off his attackers who attacked him with broken bottles.