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Arab activists from different Middle-Eastern countries have used #Shokran (Thank You in Arabic) Soleimani and #Shokran Iran on their web pages and tweeter accounts to show admiration of and appreciation for the Iranian General's efforts, braveness and sacrifices in fighting terrorism.
Peter Schlindwein, VP Corporate Procurement at Rohde & Schwarz comments: In our veins runs the same blood of high innovation and quality, customer commitment and the braveness for long-term business decisions.
Dame Joan Collins also appeared on the show and spoke of her late sister Jackie's braveness at keeping her illness a secret.
He said "I salute Ambassador Nicholas Kay for his braveness in convincing the UN to shift the offices and start operating in Somalia, making them accessible to the citizens," President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud noted.
Butti's courage, braveness and dedication strongly reflected in whatever he did.
She said: "We miss his contagious laugh, his smile, his braveness, even his wickedness but always with a sense of morality.
Promoting braveness spirit against new situations and coercing emotions against unexpected events.
Neelam Zubair added: "This was a very memorable experience as each poppy represented every solider we've lost it represents their courage and braveness and it felt amazing picking out these poppies.
Their braveness and fearlessness - in that they're not afraid to give you advice, even if they may sometimes be wrong.
She tries to hide her sexual inexperience and cowardice behind her fake braveness and George in the same way is formal throughout the love making as if to hide his bisexuality.
Her braveness, endurance and toughness are emphasized; she is glorified as a role model for women, for example as stated by UNHCRlovesAJ:
Such kind of atmosphere creates innovative manners and braveness in employees [16].