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We are proud to present this award to strong women who, using digital technologies, improve, enrich and even save people's lives by showing braveness and commitment," DLDwomen founder Steffi Czerny comments on the award, which was presented by Gabriele Zedlmayer, Vice President Global Social Innovation at Hewlett-Packard.
He stressed that the Cuban people always consider Vietnamese as their own flesh and blood and admire the industriousness, braveness and intelligence and revolutionary struggling tradition of Vietnamese people.
One of the earliest tweets congratulating Charice for her braveness was that by Jacquelyn Cabigting, who wrote, "Lesbian ka man, you are still one of the idols.
Since human beings in the epic, has to believe in destiny, but Aspiring and expressing courageous and braveness do not leave, In this situation(being between destiny and aspiring) he does some actions from which our historical judge calls them worthy and in some parts unworthy.
She has shown her braveness, even though she knew at the time the prophet Muhammad S.
In a statement to NINA, Rifa'ee said, "The government and its influential militias in Anbar spread rumors and carry out acts of subversion to infringe the protestors, but due to the braveness and awareness of the protest's coordination committees contained such plans and uncovered the conspiracy.
Although Berri has yet to respond, Metn MP Sami Gemayel replied Friday to one addressed to him in An-Nahar, commending the author's braveness in speaking out and saying that the law had his full support.
Her friends congratulate her on her braveness and are no longer interested in "the wide world.
It was heart-warming to read about Annemarie's braveness and her ability to act like "a silly empty-headed little girl" and trick the German soldiers.
It was a move of stunning audacity - walking the tightrope between braveness and stupidity.
Machar's braveness and acknowledge their disastrous roles in which some precious innocent lives were lost all across our land.
Maguire The jump he put in at the second-last just goes to show his courage and his braveness.