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I'd guess that outside Washington the Corcoran is still thought of as home to the knuckle-under specialists who lost their nerve over Mapplethorpe; despite braver leadership since 1989, it nevertheless often appears as though the museum is attempting to cozy up to risk without getting into any real trouble.
But it may be that consumers' greater confidence - and overall greater reliability of used cars - is making people braver.
Deborah Braver, a Sacramento-based consultant, explains that the idea isn't to bank water per se.
For a more balanced, and, I believe, more accurate look at the TV network news business, we'll have to wait for books by Diane Sawyer, Lesley Stahl, Cokie Roberts, Andrea Mitchell, Rita Braver, Carole Simpson, Katherine Couric, and a host of other women who also suffered the slights while paying their dues but who persevered and went on to assignments equal to or better than those attained by their male colleagues.
[I hope that, after watching this video, women who get molested would be braver and realize that they would have to act.
Most of have said braver me' Pete Watson on Naked '." Pete admitted he was scared about the show airing, after applying on a whim when he was bored
Now Rowett wants to see more of the same from the talented 20-year-old - and he has urged him to be "braver".
"We earned our living playing cover versions for 40 years but we're a lot braver now and do a lot of our own stuff!" The band has gone through a number of changes in the past two years and have a new album out which has been earning good reviews.
We di dn' t m a t c h Oldham's energy levels, we have to be braver and stronger, we've got to solve problems better on the pitch, but we've got to remember we've won.
KEVIN Pietersen still harbours ambitions to return to international cricket and has urged the current England selectors to be "braver" in their choices.
But Lustig doesn't believe the midweek display against Elfsborg was up to scratch and is adamant Celtic must become braver.
THE FURTHER TALE OF PETER RABBIT BY EMMA THOMPSON, (FREDERICK WARNE, pounds 12.99) IT'S a brave move to bring back a well-loved children's character and an even braver one to pick up where Beatrix Potter left off, but actress Emma Thompson succeeds with The Further Tale Of Peter Rabbit.