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Bravo admitted to beating up Aguilar but he said Aguilar was still alive when he drove off.
Rose Marie Bravo - stepping down at Burberry after rebuilding company
Fonseca's goal minutes later followed Portugal goalkeeper Ricardo's fine stop on Bravo, and Pardo challenged the keeper from distance just before halftime.
The wife of one politician from the region had no qualms letting organizers know her displeasure at the lack of female Bravo winners.
These dancers are my second generation," Bravo explains.
Economies and businesses have crossed peaks and valleys, and most of them are fundamentally sound today thanks to wise decisions made by Bravo Award winners and their peers.
Additional Bravo Award nominees include North Park Elementary School and teacher Cynthia Hatton from Castaic Middle School.
Bravo winners and several guests also attended a CEO Roundtable to discuss social and business issues affecting Latin America.
Bravo has unearthed a wealth of fascinating archival footage, including shots of Castro swimming in the Caribbean with his posse of bodyguards, hanging with the Buena Vista Social Club and pricelessly charming Edward R.