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Lisa Gawthorne - set up Bravura Foods to distribute Panda licorice, reaching her target of having her own firm before she was 30
They heard about a carnival Bravura produced for the Stockton festival and expressed an interest in having something similar.
As for bravura, a more fitting term might be bravado, ``a bold manner or a show of boldness'', or the less common Italian-sounding word, braggadocio, meaning``empty boasting, a boastful manner of speech and behaviour''.
Quigley's fully voiced reading is outstanding, perfectly paced, and a bravura performance.
IAN MONGAN made it back-to-back doubles on Bravura and Open Arms to take his winter all-weather score to 31.
At the same time, he keeps the joke floating through the bravura hamming of Dafoe, who snarls and flashes his teeth like Rudolph Giuliani doing Jerry Lewis in The Nutty Professor.
Ya antes de que acuda al caballo del picador, acusa caracteristicas de bravura como: fijeza, que no es inmovilidad, sino atencion y disposicion a la pelea; prontitud, o tendencia a embestir a la primera provocacion e incluso sin ser citado, a mas prontitud mas bravura, y repeticion, a mas veces que acuda al cite, embistiendo, no pasando, mas bravo sera.
Bravura Ventures Corporation (CSE: BVQ)(OTC: BRVVF)(FRA: 23B), a mineral-exploration resource company, has named James Rogers as its new strategic advisor.
24 October 2016 - Canadian mining company Bravura Ventures Corp.
As per a new program termed Persistent Surveillance Systems Tethered (PSS-T), Bravura Information Technology Systems, Inc.