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Security forces and firefighters moved into the area in the wake of the fight and put out the fire started during the brawl.
The 29-year-old was summoned to a meeting with the WRU on Tuesday, along with one-time Wales team-mate Andy Powell, who is currently suspended by Wasps while they investigate the circumstances of a pub brawl involving the back-rower.
So the administration called the police to break up the brawl and protect the students from violence.
Even the match report on the Blaze website describes the brawl as "compelling", which I for one do not think is laudable.
The brawl confirms the ECFA, the strongest tie-up ever between China and Taiwan, as a focus for tense November 27 local elections.
Home batsman Alan Mories allegedly elbowed opposing bowler Marshall Bunting and the incident led to a mass brawl as Dunfermline fielders ran to the wicket to remonstrate.
During the brawl, the 19-year-old was stabbed and another man suffered minor injuries.
The brawl broke out after a function on Tuesday at the venue on Lancaster Road.
The remand order was issued yesterday at Limassol General Hospital, where the 27-year-old is being kept for treatment for the wound to the head he sustained during last Sunday's brawl.
He says the cut on the actor's face happened when glasses were knocked over in the brawl.
ARSENAL and CHELSEA have received a pounds 100,000 fine after the Carling Cup final brawl.