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The recreational nature of brawling meant that even when the results were fatal, the legal consequences were rarely serious.
The brawling tradition began so early in life that a quarter of the children less than sixteen killed by non-relatives were killed by another child under the age of sixteen.
About 8,500 prisoners at Peter Pitchess Honor Rancho remained under lockdown late Wednesday as sheriff's deputies tried to quell further incidents of race-based brawling like that all four jails in the Saugus facility during the previous 48 hours.
Sheriff's officials said the brawling appeared to have been orchestrated.
The tiny village of Cong in County Mayo has lovingly re-created the home of one of the Duke's most famous characters - the drinking, brawling, loving Sean ``Trooper'' Thornton in John Ford's 1952 film classic, ``The Quiet Man.
The opening of the Twin Towers jail downtown and the hiring of additional officers are about the only real, though expensive, answers to stopping the racial brawling that peaked last week, Undersheriff Jerry Harper told the Board of Supervisors during a Tuesday briefing on the problem.