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Holly, mistletoe, red berries, ivy, turkeys, geese, game, poultry, brawn, meat, pigs, sausages, oysters, pies, puddings, fruit, and punch, all vanished instantly.
Palfrey's brawn, he would find the very best of cold eating.
It grows with the limbs and the heart of the boy, grows with his muscles and his brawn.
A pair of cold capons, a mortress of brawn, or what you will, with a flask or two of the right Gascony.
Brains paid, not brawn, and I resolved never again to offer my muscles for sale in the brawn market.
While my brain and brawn remain unimpaired I shall continue always to lead.
She is an excellent specimen of well-balanced English beef and brawn.
Brain, and not brawn, endures; and those best fitted to survive are the intellectually and commercially powerful.
And thereupon she suffered the pleasant mastery of his brawn, and was hugged and wrestled with until the coffee pot boiled over and she darted from him to the rescue.
After months of speculation regarding his position as team principal at Mercedes that first surfaced in January, the team have confirmed Brawn is to step down from the role at the end of next month.
Focusing on the needs of the customer, our partnership with Brawn Consulting expands Premier Mounts' capabilities and will provide customers with the tools that they need for further success in the AV industry.
Brawn, 59, was the mastermind behind many of Michael Schumacher's drivers world titles at Benetton and Ferrari and also won the championship with Jenson Button under Brawn GP in 2009.