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The image of the big brawny Highlander in the kilt tossing tree trunks, as on the porridge packet, is actually frightening off youngsters taking over as the older heavies withdraw from competition.
The new Tundra also has the ability to tow over 10,000 pounds with every major component brawny and designed for maximum strength, durability and reliability over the long haul.
Images of raging wildfires usually include brawny firefighters, but behind the crews of heroes are teams of felons trained to pitch in to help battle the blazes.
Fitted with a brawny 360bhp Ford V8, the contemporary Cobra can hit 60 in 4.
A brawny man comes up behind him and gracefully pries him from me.
Georgia-Pacific Corp has launched its Brawny Soft and Strong brand napkins.
By the same token, Johns' brushwork was never really all that emotive, in comparison either to that of the Abstract Expressionists before him or to Scully's rough and brawny paint application.
THE new Nissan 370Z had its official unveiling at the LA Motorshow last week and Nissan took the opportunity to release more details of this brawny new super-coupe.
Campaign officials from the brawny governor's office say their candidate will squash his opponent like a bug.
The brawny 165-pounder, who goes by the Internet nickname Chunky Muscle, says he's "put together with nuts and bolts for joints and big guns for quads.
In Captured Pirates on the Island of Lesbos, 1992, a gleeful horde of brawny women enact a ritual of mass castration.
Brawny roadies lug huge equipment cases across the floor and guitar techs strum their instruments as a slim man purposefully totes a silver laptop.