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Dr Bray, 71, retired from his Motherwell South constituency before the 1997 General Election.
Bray studied painting at the College of Creative Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
Donald Spitz, head of Pro-Life Virginia, presented the can to Bray and read a label on it titled "Instructions for Use," which said, "One: In the dead of night, quietly break basement window.
However, Janik speculates that a nonfatal bray might startle prey into freezing for a vital instant.
All three are interesting, important, and conceptually elusive domains of inquiry and Bray deserves the thanks of historians of Chinese society for bringing them to our attention.
The optics for the giant Maksutov and many other telescopes at the Vega-Bray Observatory were crafted by Bray, an 83-year-old optician who lives in Phoenix.
Brays Island Plantation in South Carolina is not your typical homeowners association.
We are for the first time in history part of the governing coalition in this country," says Bray.
Bray previously led an industry-driven international program of several hundred international studies of HIV/AIDS therapy, including over a hundred conducted in developing countries.
Wolverhampton Crown Court heard the employee had served Bray earlier the same day when he called in to buy booze.
The Golcar couple met at Rawlings Dance School where Mrs Bray, nee Scott, was teaching.
Former coal miner Graham Bray took pounds 32,751 in incapacity benefits -more than pounds 100 a week -without telling the authorities he was working.