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Juliet Bray was an attractive lady with dark hair and eyebrows and dancing eyes, and there was a geniality and even generosity in her rather imperious ways.
He had no doubt that the great bull's voice of Francis Bray, Baron Bulmer, had been heard for the last time between the darkness and the lifting dawn.
Juliet Bray had confronted the catastrophe of her brother's disappearance with a somber stoicism in which there was, perhaps, more paralysis than pain; but when the other question came to the surface she was both agitated and angry.
He was recalled from his irrelevance by the voice of Juliet Bray, which rang out with an altogether new note of decision:
And thus ended his first interview with Madeline Bray.
The clashing and banging band attached to the horse-riding establishment, which had there set up its rest in a wooden pavilion, was in full bray.
The red light of the setting sun seemed to have a portentous meaning, with which the alarming bray of the second donkey with the log on its foot must surely have some connection.
Blucher was pretty angry and wanted to swear, but every time he opened his mouth his animal did so also and let off a series of brays that drowned all other sounds.
Instead of moans and cries, they burst forth into loud donkey brays, which sounded very much like, "Haw
In principle, any protein that transforms an input signal into an output signal could act as a computational, or information-carrying, element," says Dennis Bray, a chemist at the University of Cambridge.
Bray served as the Director of HIV Clinical Development at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) with global responsibility for their clinical trials program.
It was a gift to win up there as it's not somewhere that Bray have traditionally done well.