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Depending on the type of base metal, global Braze Alloys market can be segmented into the following key market segments:
If it's a high-stress application, and you want extra strength in the braze joint, here are a few more options:
At the silver tests brazed with a silver based alloy, after a visual analysis, there can be seen a good quality join and the brazing alloy fills in very well the place to braze.
The aluminum braze team will present the features and benefits of radiation, convection, convection preheat/radiation braze, and Active Only[R] systems will be reviewed on May 16 - 18 along with flux application, thermal degreasing/aqueous washers, dry off ovens, and atmosphere control.
Optimized conditions of brazing of JS26VI alloy (1220 [degrees]C, 15-20 min) ensured formation of braze seams of satisfactory quality.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 21, 2014-NASA signs agreement with Rolls-Royce on braze joint technology testing
A new brazing machine will use its rotary indexing system to braze a two-piece assembly for a controls manufacturer.