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still insignificant processes of carbide disintegration in the brazed joint metal in heat treatment.
An important instant in brazing is occurrence in the seam metal of chromium- (molybdenum, tungsten) base embrittlement phases of the <<china font>> type, containing boron, silicon and carbon, volume share of which defines resistance of brazed parts to impact loads.
Serviceability of repaired components of gas turbine engines subjected to brazing depends to a great degree upon mechanical properties of the metal of brazed seams and conditions of operation.
Solution: Indexable inserts replaced the brazed tools.
During a visual analysis, at the gold tests brazed with an alloy based on gold, a good quality join can be seen.
One may judge by structure of the base alloy on picture of failure and microstructure of the brazed seam in plane of applied load about possible crystallographic orientation of dendrites in the Z5 specimen, corresponding to <111>.
Fully assembled heat exchangers made from CuproBraze alloys, soldered copper-brass and brazed aluminum heat exchangers were subjected to at least four different corrosion tests: 1) Road environment pollutant, 2) Salt spray, 3) Sea water acetic acid, and 4) Marine air corrosion.
On conjugated areas of plates being brazed a powdered brazing mixture was deposited in the form of a bead, this mixture was impregnated with a solution of an acrylic resin or mixed using Binder-215.
High Performance Grinding Zirconia Ceramics by Brazed Monolayered Diamond Wheels
3 Brandstaetter 22 brazed heat exchanger, with padded insulation Q = 86.
The application of the repair brazing is based on the effect of an activated diffusion interaction between particles of a composite brazing alloy and surfaces joined, being a result of a contact fusion of surface of particles and part wall by a low-melting component of the brazing alloy, and also by a post heat treatment of the brazed joint at temperature, lower by 80-120 [degrees]C than maximum (approx.
Currently, all multi-exchangers available to the automotive market either adopt conventional brazed construction to integrate the engine cooling radiator and air- conditioning condenser into one unit, typically for diesel engines or, alternatively, comprise two separate exchangers that are attached to form one module.