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This is a key step to strengthen Alfa Lavals competitiveness in North America, says Fredrik Ekstrm, President BU Brazed and Fusion Bonded Heat Exchangers.
Country: ChinaSector: Machinery/EngineeringTarget: Wuxi City Zhongbo Heat Exchanger Coa[euro](tm)s brazed aluminum heat exchanger (BAHX) activitiesBuyer: Chart Industries Inc Vendor: Wuxi City Zhongbo Heat Exchanger CoType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Agreed
A significant increase, from 17% to 70%, in the shear strength of brazed joints for one cermet grade was observed.
The mining tool parts to be brazed are the steel shank and the cemented carbide bit.
In brazing, boron diffuses actively into the material to be brazed (to a distance of up to 200 [micro]m).
The brazed samples by overlapping were tested to the traction, the results being showed in the table 2.
For large heat exchangers used in diesel applications, there are at least three core technologies: soldered copper-brass plate fin; soldered copper-brass serpentine fin; and brazed aluminum serpentine fin.
The additional competence in the field of brazed plate heat exchangers supplements the existing range of products.
In both machining operations, the arbors were fitted with brazed carbide cutting tools.
Granges is a global supplier of rolled products for brazed aluminium heat exchangers.
The band had been brazed back on prior I thought this bulge was from the heat of the brazing job.