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It brazenly defies you to find something better to watch anywhere, no matter how many channels your cable or satellite service may boast.
A girl's tee at the latter store brazenly states ``You might be my backup'' with a picture of a smiling battery.
Rather, what worries us are our neighborhood narco-entrepreneurs who conduct their business in broad daylight, brazenly, on the boulevard.
It is thought the four thieves either brazenly left their own names or those of their enemies in a bid to deflect suspicion.
That doesn't mean the FBI will again brazenly twist and ultimately break the law, violate civil liberties or commit willful acts of violence, as it did in the past.
Despite massive fines, he brazenly sent thousands more misleading texts - so we began to investigate.
He got a good start when his lead attorney, Pamela Mackey, brazenly pierced Colorado's tough rape-shield statute and assailed his accuser's prior sexual conduct.
One scene that resonates with me is when the young journalist is stunned to see a groupie brazenly take a pee in front of him.
How we forced him through telepathic mind-control to submit and sign all those bloated budgets, and to brazenly sell state policy to the highest contributor.
Then Love brazenly rushed through a crowd that included Jeremy Piven and Adrian Grenier from ``Entourage,'' Ian McShane and Timothy Olyphant from ``Deadwood,'' and Michael Imperioli from ``The Sopranos.
The concept is so brazenly unimaginable that it makes it difficult for consumer advocates to kick up much of a fuss.
Once a free man thanks to John Kerry, Kerry's would-be cop killer client brazenly continued his life of crime as part of a Mafia-controlled drug ring.