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As people looked over the items, they talked with sheriff's deputies and each other about the brazenness of burglars, and how the thefts affected their lives.
Whatever the motivation for these attacks, their frequency and brazenness should be cause for major concern.
The strident and imperious tone of Annan's statement reflects the increasing brazenness with which the UN and its claque of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) demand that sovereign nations obey the mandates of the "world community.
A lot of rap purists like to throw shade at Azalea, but her foul mouth and brazenness are a heck of a lot of fun.
The brutality and brazenness of these attacks shows such extreme groups will go to any lengths to further their twisted aims.
THE brazenness with which the Trinamool Congress cadres have been targeting their rivals, and the government's blatant defence of such acts, seem to have forced governor M.
Because of her brazenness, she often receives death threats, but is undaunted.
However, Mag Instrument was surprised by the scope and brazenness of Dollar Tree's infringement.
It's just a matter of having a bit of brazenness and going in all guns blazing.
Another opportunity, ironically, is provided by the brazenness of the globalists in pursuing their designs.
The brazenness is shocking,'' said Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R.