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Circuit Court of Appeals concluded in a 23-page opinion that the "brazenness" of Marco Proano's actions that night was enough to support the conclusion that, "despite the car not threatening anyone's safety, Proano fired sixteen shots at it, including several after the car began idling."
"For his brazenness and for a total disregard for the law he deserves his time in prison."
The sheer brazenness with which the Saudi government had Khashoggi killed -- not to mention Western leaders' weak response -- has underscored for people around the world just how coldly calculated geopolitical machinations really are.
For LeBron James to stop Paul's brazenness with all of his 6-foot-8 might, virtually carrying the Rocket gone mad out of the fray, LeBron ought to be instantly installed Paul's successor as the new NBA Players Association president.
Last July 18, the members of the Senate minority bloc have issued a joint statement expressing alarm over the brazenness of killings in the country, especially in Metro Cebu where scores of suspected drug offenders were arrested and killed without due process.
It takes a dash of brazenness, a little bit more rudeness, and a whole lot of loudness, but it is a doable bit.
"The scale and brazenness of it was shocking, but its proximity to the local kids catching their bus to school this morning was the more upsetting, since a large number will be teenagers and they'll know or are beginning to understand the hatred behind that symbol.
Such brazenness is entirely possible because the regime has nothing to lose.
Scenes set during World War II find Lala standing up for what she believes in despite great personal risk; she could have been killed time and again but was miraculously honored, instead, for her brazenness. She is shown tricking people into doing exactly what she wanted and joking that she "always had more luck than common sense."
While the declining ringgit, GST, increasingly draconian measures to silence oppositional media and the ostentatious lifestyle of those in power also contributed to the rakyat's anger, it was the brazenness with which the ruling coterie thought they could get away with was the final straw that united the most unlikely bedfellows into a cohesive bloc.
Suhaee beautifully essays a stoicity and valor in the face of adversity as she stands gazing at various moments with a certain brazenness that is so rare for a desi starlet.
Khamenehi called the visit a display of brazenness.