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The brazenness of the assault, which lasted several hours, suggested a new brand of militancy in a country where low-level strikes on police are common.
Just seven people were killed despite multiple blasts and a gunfight, five of them were the attackers themselves, but the brazenness of their siege suggested a new brand of militancy in a country where low-level strikes on police are common.
The attack underscores the brazenness of armed groups to target even the media who are only out there to do their duty as members of the fourth state and perform press freedom," said Hataman, who also ordered the Lanao del Sur police to investigate the incident and bring the perpetrators behind bar.
Even for a nation where political killings are common and impunity runs deep, the brazenness of the massacre sent shockwaves and forced then-President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to call in the army to disarm the Ampatuans' private militias and order the clan, which ruled the impoverished but vote-rich province, to surrender.
our roads with such brazenness, one can only rue the misfortune of the state for being governed by such individuals,"NC spokesman Junaid Mattu said.
The kidnappings reflect the growing ambition and brazenness of Boko Haram, which seeks to impose an Islamic state across Nigeria, Africa's most populous country.
It was astounding in its breadth, its brazenness and its worldwide consequences.
The scope of the President's graft and corruption is staggering, not only due to the sheer number of occurrences thereof and the historic amounts of public funds involved, but also due to the brazenness and hubris with which he and his alter-egos committed the same," the group said.
The brazenness and sheer brutality of the school attack shocked Nigerians, who have been growing accustomed to hearing about atrocities in an increasingly bloody five-year-old Islamist insurgency in the north.
He ordered efforts "to resolutely stamp out the brazenness of the terrorists", adding that the Chinese public must build a "wall of bronze and iron" to fight terrorism, and "make terrorists like rats scurrying across a street, with everybody shouting 'beat them'".
Composed by famous Indo-Jazz music composer, songwriter and producer Shrikanth Sriram (a Dewarist's artist who holds stunning compositions like the theme for the movie Life of Pi to his credit ), the song captures the brazenness and audacity of the Poo Man that irks and annoys his listeners.
It's their mangled feet, pecked heads and scabby wings, their brazenness about flapping up onto your table at an outdoor cafe and eating your cake crumbs, while giving you dysentery or the black death or something, they're so riddled with disease.