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As it follows from numerical simulations, the time needful to heat the brazing solder to its working temperature (from 30[degrees]C to 50[degrees]C above the liquidus temperature of 793[degrees]C) is shorter (Fig.
3 %, proved high density of the seam metal, determined by parameters of brazing and conditions of the finish heat treatment.
The pickling after the brazing was done in the same solution as the one for the gold.
In the above-mentioned experiments, the solution AA was used as a binder, while the composition #1 + 20% NS12 + 60% Rene-142 was used as a basic brazing alloy.
Each brazing furnace had its own gas generator located in a building outside the plant.
The report also provides data on the different segments of the Global Brazing Materials market, which are based on the following criteria: type of alloy, form of alloy, end-users, and geography.
Its more than 2,200 experts inform which filler materials provide in-depth technical advice for custom-tailored solutions with regard to industrial welding and brazing applications.
During 1963-96, Roberts held a number of marketing and technical posts with the three primary supplies of precious metal brazing alloys and other silver-bearing products.
Typically, overheating takes place during the brazing operation, when re-tipping a tool that is being serviced.
In cutting tools production and in other applications, brazing as a bonding technique has been commonly used.
which operates the Tanaka Precious Metals' manufacturing business, will start providing TKC-651 active brazing filler metal able to directly bond to ceramics at half the material cost of conventional active brazing filler metals.