breach of duty

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Evidence that may be considered by a jury in addressing a breach of duty includes the following:
1994, may have misinterpreted Schleier by deciding that payments to a taxpayer to settle a claim of breach of duty of fair representation were excludible from gross income under Sec.
Was your breach of duty responsible for the player's injuries?
claims brought against Directors and Officers for "Wrongful Acts": Breach of duty, negligent acts, omissions, misstatements or misleading statements.
The review will also examine whether there has been (and if so to what extent) any breach of duty and/or trust by the charity trustees in relation to the operation of the charity, and what steps may be necessary and in the best interests of the charity in response to any breaches of duty and/or trust.
Does that breach of duty include failing to run our hospitals for the benefit of patients and providing adequate funding?
Laser Travel, based in Porth, had its school transport deal with Rhondda Cynon Taf Council terminated over a "serious breach of duty of care" over an incident which saw a young boy locked inside a bus outside the Park Lane Special School in Abercynon.
The HSE denied it was negligent or in breach of duty but claimed the incident occurred because of negligence and breach of duty of Northside Home Care Services.
There was also a breach of duty in the GP's failure to administer a diuretic or aspirin, which all the experts agreed was standard practice.
In his judgment, Mr Vowles had established on the balance of probabilities that this breach of duty was a material cause of his accident.
If a fiduciary fails to meet these standards, he may be held personally liable for any losses to the plan that resulted from his breach of duty.

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