breach of privilege

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I have already sent my notice of breach of privilege to the speaker.
Consequently, the Speaker found that there were sufficient grounds for a finding of prima facie breach of privilege.
Senator Mohammad Usman moved the motion under rule 204 asking the chair to appoint a Special Committee to examine questions involving breach of privilege referred to it by the Senate or the Chairman and to make report to the House or the Chairman as the case may be, till the constitution of the Committee on Rules and Procedure and Privilege, in term of rule 158 of the rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Senate, 2012.
He concluded that it was a question of debate and therefore not a breach of privilege.
The DMK says it is breach of privilege by the JPC chairman.
He added: "In the past, if somebody was trying to petition the House and somebody else was trying to intimate them or arrest them, the House would treat it as a breach of Privilege.
He added: "In view of these events, and the prior notice given to the deputies, I regard Deputy Collins' references as a serious breach of privilege and I'm referring the matter to the Committee of Procedure and Privileges.
The party however said it was "a fit case" for breach of privilege.
Though the court determined potential breach of privilege shouldn't prevent the claim from going forward, it emphasized that every effort should be made to keep confidential information private.
He refused to divulge more details, stating that the Assembly session was in progress and any details would amount to breach of privilege of the house.
Whether this a breach of privilege or not, I think how this information was put together should be investigated.