breach the agreement

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Iran says unilateral US sanctions targeting its ballistic missile programme breach the agreement.
One doesn't have to be very wise to understand that the criminals were waiting for opposition to enter the Parliament, as obliged by the signed Agreement, because they didn't want to be the first to breach the agreement - and yet they decide to use the court to do their job and breach the agreement.
it's worth noting that Israeli forces regularly breach the agreement signed with the Hamas movement under the auspices of Egypt last November, due to the practices of the Israeli occupation on the Gaza Strip's villages and lands.
The note provided a current obligation to pay, but stated that installments would be forgiven if Karns did not breach the agreement.
Further, after the inspection period has run, if either party should breach the agreement, the non-breaching party shall be entitled to keep the aforementioned deposit as liquidated damages, and in the case of ILM II's breach in limited circumstances, FVE may seek specific performance or other remedies as liquidated damages.
Armeno is claiming damages and costs against Newmont for interfering in the performance by PI of the May 28, 1998 Agreement and for inducing PI to breach the Agreement.