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Recent legislation and rule amendments have changed the break requirements for certain work shifts and certain types of employees.
The dumbbell is designed to: 1) avoid breaks in grips, and 2) cause failure to occur in its narrow, straight-sided region.
The resulting press reports and constituent outrage caused newly elected President Nixon to agree to legislation that repealed many tax breaks.
All campaigns will be tracked in a central dashboard that will enable advertisers to measure performance and recalibrate in real time across the Break Media Network, providing them with unprecedented transparency and control.
The highest break of the week was, again, by Matthew Peaker of Brockholes BC with splendid efforts of 61 and 53 against David Firth of Upper Hopton B.
the loud, breaks in the create-a-book, breaks in the tune, breaks in the
The pitcher has to be able to see that the pitch breaks at some point and lands at a spot that is different from that at which it started.
Even when they didn't score, the Angels received some breaks.
Using the main terminal, operators can review break events several times, playing them back and forth and stopping the images much like a video tape.
When a fairly new layer of snow breaks off and slides downhill, what type of avalanche does it create?
This objecthood o painting, coming from Minimalism, is so hard to break," he complains.