break away

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Carmarthenshire County Council's chief executive Mark James said: "They couldn't break away.
The council's Labour cabinet voted unanimously to support the deal which allows Moor End to break away on June 1.
Should the north of England or most of London break away as well then?
After this the pebbles start to break away leaving large patches of exposed cement render with a number of pock holes.
The house, across from Break Away Billiards, is owned by Richard O'Leary.
THE Guardian newspaper recently wondered what the future would be like should Scotland vote to break away from the UK.
But it isn't until Luther wins the science fair, with a project on the dangers of lead paint that attracts media attention and dangerously infuriates the Sarge (she uses it on her properties, to save money), and realizes that the Sarge hasn't been putting away money for him for college for him after all, that he decides to break away.
Villaraigosa has endorsed the concept of a joint-powers authority and also has said that if cities choose to break away, he would support their decision.
that lesbians and gays should break away and form their own church and that they have no courage.
Stone Ridge at Fairfield is the first residential development in Connecticut to break away from the traditional, cookie-cutter condominium design and combine incredible craftsmanship with amenities, conveniences and comforts normally reserved for some of the finest residences around the world.
Even when his "holoclam" disappears, he can't break away from his desire to do nothing but watch TV.