break away

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"By the time I was able to break away, I didn't trust any of my instincts."
The outgoing Umno youth chief said the 'new Umno' must be different and break away from all negative perception that had previously marred the party, which led to Barisan Nasional's defeat in the recent general election.
Swansea-based researchers contend that if the iceberg breaks away, it could cause major instability in the Larsen C ice shelf and may even make the shelf vulnerable to similarly break away.
In his declaration to repair ties with China amid a maritime dispute over the West Philippine Sea that favored the Philippines, Duterte declared his decision to break away from the US in terms of military and economic ties.
The Celebration is a "Thank You" to all the Friends & Customers over the last 10 years who have helped Break Away II Sports Lounge grow and become a place to enjoy Good Friends, Great Times & Awesome Food & Drink.
Scientific models strive to pinpoint when giant ice sheets will break away and cause rising sea levels - in decades, centuries or millennia
Should the region break away what does it mean for Spain, Catalonia and the Eurozone?
A former rebel commander, Iman Ibrahim, stated they decided to break away from the SLM-MM to express their desire for real peace, security and stability in Darfur, and called on the other rebels to follow their move.
SO the Scots want to break away from the UK - why not?
Patna, Feb.24 ( ANI ): In a major setback to the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), thirteen MLA's of the party on Monday announced their decision to break away from the party.
In the past, only a handful of designers have chosen to break away from a stereotypical setting but it usually was at offsite shows.
TOWN councillors in Llanelli have rejected plans to break away from Carmarthenshire County Council - after the mayor accused the local authority of "systematically running down" the historic town.