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Whether or not that is possible, certainly there is great need and possibility for this care among those who break bread, suffer, and rejoice together in communities of faith in places everywhere.
As families reunite to celebrate, they break bread and, too often, all dietary resolve.
But Mr Martin trumps them both as 44% of voters would like to break bread with him.
uk/buyaphoto Skirts come full circle Crumbs of wisdom Break bread with Bake Off's Ruby Tandoh Lynda Bellingham: I've made the decision to die The Chronicle, Groat Market, Newcastle upon Tyne.
then the wipe the In fact I'd rather swallow the civets whole excrescence raw than to break bread with Rupert Murdoch and his cut-throat, bottom-dwelling reptiles any day of the week.
Now that the glow has subsided I must admit to some disappointment with Chubby Chandler yet to make contact and invite me to break bread with Rory, Lee and Darren or that Titliest, the maker of the ball with which I achieved this amazing feat have failed (nudge nudge, wink wink), to fill my garage with their samples or offer any sponsorship.
PERHAPS THE LESSON FOR CHRISTIANS IN THESE two books is that every time we sit down to break bread with one another we are celebrating a "memorial meal" in which we are called to be conscious and conscientious eaters, people who are grateful for the food that is both "fruit of the vine and work of human hands.
Steve had hired the services of Break Bread, a Brunswick Dock based business that serves restaurant standard meals at business premises and homes.
n BREAK BREAD, based at Brunswick Dock, brings restaurant standard cuisine directly to homes and offices all over Merseyside.
Each year we donate tickets to the Joshua House and Hillsborough Kids and invite these folks to come and break bread with us as our guests," Kelly said.