break down

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It takes 450 years for both a disposable diaper and a plastic beverage bottle to break down.
Possible answers: It is chewed in your mouth; acids in your stomach break down the food; nutrients in the food are absorbed into your body.
For example, Sulfurospirillum multivorans converted deca-BDE into eight-and seven-bromine forms but could not break down the octa-BDE mixture.
It would be wrong to reduce the services that aim to break down social barriers.
While she successfully conveys the powerful and widespread influence of Lind, comparing her to the singer, Madonna, and noting all the memorabilia she inspired, Emerson did not adequately emphasize the full extent of Anderson's legacy, for instance, which helped break down racial barriers far beyond the field of music--Anderson was an inspiration for our whole society.
It does not break down when exposed to these solutions.
Direct Line motor spokeswoman Emma Holyer said: "If your car does break down don't panic - try to coast on to the hard shoulder and get out of the car on the left-hand side before dialling the breakdown services
UK MOTORISTS will break down an average of 20 times during their lives behind the wheel, according to findings by Direct Line Breakdown.
The temperature wasn't high enough to break down the cores made through a standard process," said Greg Harem, Pride Cast Metals' vice president of manufacturing.
And the purpose was not really to break down those people--often they had nothing to give--but to photograph them in a compromised position and say: "Go home, find the insurgency, join it, and report back to us or we'll show these to your relatives and people in your village.
Interestingly, the battle lines over the sunsets break down into unusual camps.