break down

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"No-one chooses to break down on a bridge that will then charge you PS150 for the pleasure of doing so.
Which form of plastic debris takes the longest amount of time to break down? The shortest?
However, in some cases, reliability can be costly if the car does break down, whilst a Skoda has an average garage repair bill of just pounds 215 in comparison to more than pounds 790 for a Porsche, which is the most expensive.
A spokeswoman for the Foreign Department admitted they have no idea what caused the break down, but said the Minister would probably "get home at some stage" last night.
Chemicals in the body, called digestive fluids, can break down starch into individual sugar molecules.
Cars that break down in the tunnels face a 125% rise in the recovery fee; Breakdown: the outcome
Biodegradable materials also might not break down in landfills if they went through an industrial process that left them unrecognizable to the enzymes and microbes that allow biodegradation to occur.
As days get shorter and colder in the autumn, chlorophyll molecules break down. Leaves quickly lose their green color.
Bacteria can break down a common flame retardant into more-toxic forms, researchers report.
At a game, dressed in shorts, these factors break down. Furthermore, playing injects a sense of humor into interactions.
We need approaches at every level of Canadian society that attempt to break down barriers and engage with, not just accommodate, the newer immigrant and ethnic communities.