break down

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Monofilament fishing line takes the longest time to break down.
For example, Sulfurospirillum multivorans converted deca-BDE into eight-and seven-bromine forms but could not break down the octa-BDE mixture.
We can make a much greater effort to break down the barriers that keep Canadians separate and apart.
UK MOTORISTS will break down an average of 20 times during their lives behind the wheel, according to findings by Direct Line Breakdown.
The temperature wasn't high enough to break down the cores made through a standard process," said Greg Harem, Pride Cast Metals' vice president of manufacturing.
And the purpose was not really to break down those people--often they had nothing to give--but to photograph them in a compromised position and say: "Go home, find the insurgency, join it, and report back to us or we'll show these to your relatives and people in your village.
Interestingly, the battle lines over the sunsets break down into unusual camps.
However, if any equipment were to actually break down, coverage would not be furnished unless he or she specifically had breakdown coverage.
2]Ti will break down odors for three years and provide light for 10,000 hours.
Complex carbohydrates like oatmeal and whole wheat bread ultimately break down into simple carbohydrates like sugar.
There's no evidence that taking extra biotin means that you'll break down fats or protein better or quicker.
Linda Ruiz and Karen Heins had their taxi break down on the way to an African airport, then their four-wheel-drive vehicle got stuck in an Arabian sand dune.