break faith

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But, May will tell MPs on Monday: "Let us not break faith with the
So it's disappointing that, at the last minute, with no discussion, he has chosen to break faith with the cross-party agreement to tackle a crisis which, in his own words, "leads to 1,500 premature deaths in the West Midlands each year".
"However hard it is to live up to the ideals of the UN charter and however distant we are from their realization, we have a responsibility not to break faith, and to hold together when people want to divide us," Jolie added.
And, while well never buy ourselves out of this shortage, an extended CR will also negate the pilot bonuses Congress authorized, which will break faith with the force.
But keeping faith with climate alarmists will break faith with taxpayers and consumers.
With me you get the real deal, and I refuse to break faith with my audience.
If a general-fund budget shortfall appeared two or three years from now, would the city break faith with voters by asking libraries to absorb their share of the cuts?
Might we not wonder exactly what WW1 soldier poet John McCrae meant by: 'If ye break faith with us who die'?
Written in the voice of those who fell at Ypres, it declares, "Take up our quarrel with the foe / To you from failing hands we throw the torch / If ye break faith with us who die, we shall not sleep." This reasoning has been used to sustain bloodshed in many nations and contexts.
"If for some reason we took a position now in the 21st century, when some of our adversaries may not be traditional state actors, that we would not do our utmost to bring our prisoners of war home, that would break faith with the American people and with the men and women who serve in uniform," she said.
We break promises, we break trust, we break faith. As Bob Dylan's gravelly voice intoned, "Ain't no use jivin'/ain't no use jokin'/Everything is broken ..." Everything from individual selves to social structures and systems--even the church is broken.