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While many traders expect the index to get past this level and hit 7,000 points, for a record high, later this year, they see the market flatlining in the near term due to its failure to break new ground and advance beyond 6,900 points.
And he insists he will keep on trying to break new ground.
His latest effort, I Say a Little Prayer, doesn't deviate much from this formula (there's more sex), nor does it break new ground. It is, indeed, what we have come to expect from Harris--fun, frivolous fluff.
Clara Miller, president & CEO, Nonprofit Finance Fund, said, "NFF now will break new ground by adding a new equity-like product to our offerings.
"I worked closely with Frank for several years on very difficult investigations that had to break new ground," Volcker said.
NEXGEN offers balers that produce cost-saving results because the company's designers, engineers and fabricators design, test and build machines that break new ground in baling technology.