break off

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A recent decision by the government to break off talks with the country's second largest rebel group, the National Liberation Army (ELN) and launch a military offensive already has led to a surge in fighting in northern and central Colombia.
It has been found that when disconnecting the power cable, one of the internal pins can break off and lodge in the cable's socket, preventing a small risk of electrocution if the broken-off pin is touched.
Initial grinding breaks away small edges of the grain, and, as grinding continues, microfractures form, break off and create fresh, sharp edges for aggressive fast cutting.
5, for violin, viola, and harpsichord, and a sound-scape of creature noises and water, ten dancers meet formally as an ensemble, then break off for extended one-on-one encounters.
#3 can look for the shot, as #5 and #2 break off their screens and move down the lane to set a double pick down low [ILLUSTRATION FOR DIAG.
Meaning more ice will probably continue to break off of it.
He got a good break off the tee and a bad break off the second shot and it obviously escalated from there.
If your HMMWV's geared hub lockwashers are not bent properly into the locknut slots, then the tabs are more likely to crack or break off. That increases the chances that the locknut will loosen and come off, which could cause a wheel to fall off.