break the contract

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To break the contract, it faced costs of at least pounds 30m - having previously taken an pounds 18m discount to help pay for Capital of Culture, and millions in IT investment.
Maria was able to break the contract before its end date due to the fact that 'Melody' did not abide by the conditions set forth in the contract.
The board decided that it wanted to break the contract it had signed with Lumiere TV, which expires in 2013, for broadcasting the team's matches.
Criminals who break the contract could be punished by being paid lower rates for prison work, or by being denied extra visits by family in jail.
The lawsuit contends that these "trivial alleged deficiencies" could have been easily fixed, and were used by Miller as "a subterfuge" to break the contract.
While Ford has the option to renew or break the contract each year, it's a hardship for automakers to change suppliers in the middle of a vehicle production run, which typically lasts five to 10 years.
Large penalties per day were about to kick in and the seller pressed to break the contract so he could find new offers for the rapidly appreciating property.
An individual player cannot break the contract without the agreement of the club and in most cases a compensation fee for the club.
And there is no question I would look to break the contract I have with the FA.
Compensation fees could also be written into players' contracts, he said, in case either party tries to break the contract unilaterally.