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To break the ice Ashley told a joke and asked: "How much does a polar bear weigh?
Ramos) was appointed as special envoy precisely because of his stature (and) credibility as our elderly statesman and his ability to break the ice with the Chinese government,' Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said in a statement.
C avill, who plays the lead role of Superman in the latest movie of the superhero, tried to break the ice and speak to Aviana, but failed, reports contactmusic.
Cullen recalled, "I had to break the ice on the way out 'cause I couldn't stand on it and I was able to pound through it 'til I got to her.
Summary: March 14 Secretariat General Coordinator Fares Soueid held his second meeting with the Kataeb Party officials in Metn's Bikfaya Wednesday in an attempt to break the ice with the party.
And last winter saw the exact same thing but in the bigger lake to the point where myself and a few of the local anglers took it upon ourselves to do the council's job for them and get into the water to break the ice to try to save the fish stock.
Turkish Foreign Ministry has approved the project and we re going to find ways to break the ice in Armenian-Turkish relations, professor Aldemir from September 9 University stated.
The first ones to break the ice were MPs Rafiz Aliti and Femi Jonuzi, who participated in the work of the Committee on Political System.
Every morning we have to come in and break the ice on the animals' water buckets.
Groups meet weekly, and each session begins with a meal - a good way to break the ice.
Weather was the most common subject to break the ice when addressing strangers, said the report.
Srinagar, Jan 13 (ANI): Wild-life authorities have initiated a drive to break the ice in Hokersar Wetlands in Kashmir to help the migratory birds find food as they are facing lot of hardship due to frozen wetland.