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BEIRUT: March 14 Secretariat General Coordinator Fares Soueid held his second meeting with the Kataeb Party officials in Metn's Bikfaya Wednesday in an attempt to break the ice with the party.
But due to the frozen wet-lands in valley as it becomes difficult for them to find food for themselves, sensing the situations the wild-life authorities have started a drive to break the ice in the important circles of the wetlands in of Hokersar.
You had Atmosphere to kinda break the ice at Epitaph for ya .
Men often break the ice with clients by telling jokes, but Briles says most women aren't wired that way.
Certainly there is a wealth of fascinating chemical and biological tidbits that are guaranteed to break the ice at a cocktail party.
Humor helps break the ice, too, as does clearing up staff misconceptions.
What Weymes didn't foresee was that it would take Gracious Air until she was a four-year-old to break the ice at her 13th attempt, but the former trainer was delighted all the same for Scothern, who is currently in hospital recovering from a hip-replacement operation.
Q I keep being told not to break the ice on my fish pond.
The point was to break the ice of the child's unconscious, to let the slush pour forth in vivid associations and waking dreams.
If the prospect of being the first to break the ice and talk to one another is too daunting, then why not put pen to paper and send him a note?
But you'll soon discover how friendly people are when a dog is around to break the ice.