break the law

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There should be no discrimination in fining the drivers who break the laws.
You only get points if you break the law so therefore you should take the punishment.
Boro4215 It would be nice to see the same checks taking place in the town centres on a Saturday night, which are over run with under-age drinkers ballboy It's interesting to note that when a council employs a "child" to break the law to discover if someone else is breaking the law they are applauded.
And it would not be a surprise if the ridiculous group that defends the right of the bird-trappers to break the law, argued that maintaining our cultural heritage and traditions -- the justification for breaking the law - was more important than tourism and money.
Even in the comfort of their own homes, Britons are willing to break the law, with 15% of adults admitting to watching TV without a licence and a further 35% confessing to downloading music, films or pornography illegally.
Those who break the law for the second time will be forced to pay LE 10,000, serve a six-month prison sentence and their establishments forced shut temporarily.
Our officers are being extra vigilant in targeting those responsible for acts of criminal damage and will have no hesitation in arresting people who break the law.
If you break the law, you break the law, there are consequences,' he said.
Sometimes these chases end up in tragedy but that is the price you pay when you break the law.
The President's decision that he can break the law says far more about his attitude toward the rule of law than it does about the laws themselves.
Last night, Mr Cresselly said: 'Animal welfare groups are working hard to catch the first Welsh hunt to break the law but we are confident that we will not be the first.