break the law

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Who could have prophesied in what way any of these inspired law-breakers would break the law, what new type of perfect imperfection they would create?
Sunday came, and with it came Demetrios Contos, to break the law defiantly in open day.
It was almost impossible to remember who he was--only a petty chief of a conveniently isolated corner of Mindanao, where we could in comparative safety break the law against the traffic in firearms and ammunition with the natives.
Evil are the punishments of those who break the Law.
The white man who begins to break the law by lynching a Negro soon yields to the temptation to lynch a white man.
If I break the laws I will accept the vengeance of the state, but I will not regard it as punishment nor shall I feel myself convicted of wrong-doing.
The excuse is always the same, "it's too dangerous on the road", so, walk, get a bus, use your car, or learn to ride properly, don't endanger pedestrians and break the law.
I have been calling for bicycles to have identifi-cation plates so those riders who break the law can be caught and prosecuted.
INDEPENDENT TD Mick Wallace yesterday claimed he had an obligation to break the law by scaling a fence to inspect US war planes at Shannon Airport.
I suggest that the traffic department allow all drivers to catch these hasty drivers by taking pictures while they break the law and forward it to police for action.
Chief Executive CY Leung believes the Occupy Central movement s organisers plan to break the law to achieve political goals.
John Ryley told the Leveson inquiry that occasionally a reporter may break the law in pursuit of a story.