break the pattern

See: deviate
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With the ever growing threats around the world and the increasing potential for our troops to be harmed in "peacetime" incidents, it is imperative that we pass full funding bills and break the pattern of temporary funding that hurts our military.
We who see the emotional consequences of gods pretending to be God need to break the pattern.
The DRIVE Act would finally break the pattern of repeated short-term patches, which have failed to provide the long-term investment needed to properly maintain and expand our nation's transportation infrastructure.
He wants to break the pattern and will work with any of the (treatment) agencies available in prison," Mr Britton said.
It lets you know when your inactive times are, so you can start to break the pattern.
The two main Bangladeshi parties are both led by women who have the power to break the pattern of patriarchal corruption in the developing world's Muslim countries.
If you are always hanging out with the same people, break the pattern.
It takes us in to the middle-aged, overworked world of Barney Cashman who is desperately trying to break the pattern of his married life and enjoy an afternoon of passion with another woman - just once.
Oregonians are accustomed to low-key judicial elections, but 2012 could break the pattern.
Don't call or text, so you immediately break the pattern.
But he stressed the need to break the pattern of North Korea taking provocative steps against the South then pursuing dialogue to obtain rice and fertilizer aid from it.
Positive investment intentions posted this quarter break the pattern of previous recessions by recovering at an earlier stage in the cycle, the EEF said.