break the peace

See: battle, brawl, fight
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He therefore whispered in the ear of the justice that he would exceed his authority by committing the girl to Bridewell, as there had been no attempt to break the peace; "for I am afraid, sir," says he, "you cannot legally commit any one to Bridewell only for ill-breeding."
She was naturally of a gay, lively and peace-loving disposition, but from continual failures and misfortunes she had come to desire so /keenly/ that all should live in peace and joy and should not /dare/ to break the peace, that the slightest jar, the smallest disaster reduced her almost to frenzy, and she would pass in an instant from the brightest hopes and fancies to cursing her fate and raving, and knocking her head against the wall.
However some so-called people wanted to break the peace and harmony among people of different religions of the province.
It is important that in times like this we all stand together united and not let anybody break the peace and harmony that exists among us.
I wish that Egypt and Jordan break the peace treaty they signed with Israel.
Al-Ayyam added Macron called on Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu to freeze settlement construction in the West Bank as part of gestures towards the Palestinian people to break the peace impasse.
The comments from IGAD came days after the United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, said the replacement process was an internal matter and did not break the peace agreement.
As for a merry note, whacking stalactites with a shovel does nothing but break the peace: those sharp, cutting shards explode upon the walk though better there than on the heads of those braving it out to pick up the morning paper, ice sheets on the steps, swords of ice overhead--a dangerous place despite the serenity of winter.
Wakil Ahmad Sultani, a leader of the Sultanzoy tribe who was related to the dead youth and present at the peace meeting, says armed opponents of the government sought to whip up further tension between the two tribes but failed to break the peace. The peace that was restored was sincere, and the two tribes have been meeting each other at feast and family functions.
"The arrest of the Tiamzon couple may be the last straw which will break the peace talk's back and we urge the Aquino administration to immediately free them for the peace talks to advance," said Bayan Muna Rep.
But, that aside, let me say that I swear, on the souls of my grandchildren, that I will not be the one to break the peace we've made here today."
In asking for such condign punishment, Syria was invoking the UN Charter, which gives the Security Council the right to impose such severe penalties upon nations that threaten to break the peace.