break the record

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There are a number of entrants trying to break the record this year, but Experience Days is feeling confident that their attempt is going to be the record breaker!
Mark, who has joined Leven on previous trips, was rooting for the team to break the record.
I'm confident that we'll break the record in 2012," he said.
She's a fine rider, different class to most of the others, and she fully deserves to break the record.
Summary: Epic Avatar has sailed past drama Titanic to break the record as the highest grossing film of all time.
At least 578 ballet enthusiasts bellied up to handmade barres Sunday at McArthur Court during an apparently successful attempt to break the record for world's largest ballet class.
White, though, failed to qualify for next week's Grand Prix in Aberdeen but still has two tournaments to break the record.
It was an honor to break the record, especially with Gary in attendance," Figgins said.
The night took place in mid-July and as the last of the Scouts nodded off, it was announced that the previous sleep-over record had been broken by the 31,584 Scouts and Cubs across the country who had got together to break the record.
Mr Hallgarth, who is also a Coventry JP, said: 'I didn't set out to break the record -the trip was for charity.
A global PR firm headquartered in San Francisco, PR@vantage has been acknowledged for spearheading Blue Sky Network's media blitz supporting Steve Fossett's attempt to break the record for the longest, non-stop solo flight.
Tendulkar is one who deserves to break the record because he has been a great entertainer and fine cricketer," he said.