break the record

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Ms Breed had aimed to break the record of nine hours, 35 minutes, but poor conditions soon turned the swim into a fight to the finish.
She scored from the spot to break the record in the win over Italy and in the defeat to Australia as Brazil made the knockout stages.
Gareth Southgate's side have now found the net 12 times in Russia to break the record of 11 set by the victorious 1966 side.
Trippier's superb fifth-minute freekick saw Southgate's men break the record.
Hindi Medium has not only managed to break the record of King Khan, but also surpassed collections of the other major Khans in the Indian film industry.
'If I break the record again that would be a miracle, but that's not my goal this year,' she said smiling.
Maybe he will score two goals and break the record, which has lasted more than 24 years.
Even the judges claimed that they never actually thought there would be someone to break the record.
"We knew we would break the record from our training," the two Limassolian athletes, both teachers, said after the event, expressing the belief that they can do even better and set the bar even higher for next time.
And in 2012, when he joined a team trying to break the record for rowing across the Atlantic, they capsized 27 days and 2000 miles into the expedition and had to be rescued.
Samer Khallouf, head of records management team at Guinness World Records witnessed the event and said: "Initially, we challenged Majid Al Futtaim to break the record for the most people to contribute to a painted wooden block mosaic.
Rooney, who was taken off in the second half, hopes to break the record against Switzerland at Wembley on Tuesday night.