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Last year, there were 1,716 residential break-ins from Jan.
Similar break-ins had previously occurred 180 miles to the south, in Corpus Christi.
The study shows that those Europeans who feel secure in their home have a more optimistic view both of the risk of suffering a break-in themselves and of the future likelihood of break-ins in society at large.
So while data show opportunistic break-ins declining, there is little sign of let up at the higher end.
earned its best sales yet in 1994 because of break-ins.
Southboro has had seven house break-ins between Aug.
Break-ins where thieves have used this method have been reported in several streets, including Sadler Road and Beake Avenue.
Yiannos Stavroulas, the deputy chief of Famagusta Police, said there were a large number of break-ins and robberies that were under investigation.
Security has since been upgraded to keep the burglars out but the break-ins are ruining the enjoyment of villagers who use the club.
Police had been investigating a series of break-ins, linking Mr.
We're looking at the same types of break-ins, prying off the top of the air conditioning vent, or a window or prying hinges off a door,'' he said.
As demonstrated by this security problem, traditional firewall or encryption technology won't prevent all network break-ins, and will not detect malicious intent or actions via World Wide Web traffic.