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Moreover, it conceded that because break-ins were "clearly illegal," FBI officials could not solicit the approval of the attorney general.
This year started off with a high number of residential break-ins, 176 in January.
Police acknowledged that the break-ins did not fit the normal crime pattern.
From January to September 1994, there were 5,526 residential break-ins in Winnipeg, up four per cent over last year.
Petersen's willingness to limit the prosecutor's authority to the break-in itself was just what they wanted.
In speaking with police officers in several other communities, local police learned they were investigating similar break-ins.
Luggage was the eighth most popular item, with five per cent of break-ins involving the theft of bags and suitcases.
Last week, business owners complained of an "epidemic" of break-ins around Dale Street, with a similar crime spree reported in Bold Street.
In the first break-in, which happened on March 30, six mountain bikes and archery equipment were stolen.
In each of the break-ins, valuables had been left on display inside the cars and thieves forced their way inside to steal the items.
16, we went to a house (where the alarm had been triggered), and discovered the break-in.